The Wood Studio website


This is a site we revamped for a client just recently. The scope of work included the following:

a) Redesign of main Wood Studio logo, and alteration/replacement of all background colours and images. Alter look and feel of thumbnail pages. Include provision of suitable logos adapted for emails, documents and facebook.
b) Change pages for all images galleries to thumbnail plus content and add descriptive content for each image, keeping in mind SEO requirements including setting up the content and keyword structure as well as header meta tags and all tags for images.
c) Modify site scaling to facilitate mobile phone user-friendliness.

The existing logo was less than inspiring and did not correlate with the client’s product base of smooth and shiny  wood surfaces.

oldlog  We replaced it with this:  Logo

We also changed the background image and used the same wood image for the log and the site background, changed the text background to white to create a more vivid contrast, and removed the menu background so that the menu also appeared on the wood backing. The overall effect was far more dramatic and clear.

We added captions to all the images, added alternate text tags as well, and ensured that keywords were employed throughout to optimise SEO.

The existing mobile interface was also a little drab:

oldwood1 compared with the new look:woodmobi

The Island Bar page needed better keyword utilisation and a more appealing look and feel:

oldwood2   islandnewnokia

Here is what our client said:

“Thanks for your work upgrading my website

The look and feel of the site plus the ease of navigation is a great improvement.

Thank you for your regular updates as to progress – it certainly made it easy to liase with you over the changes.”

We have subsequently done a complete redesign of the site, employing an expansive, full page approach. See the new site here:


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