More Website Traffic!

If you want to run a successful online business or promote your products online, you're going to need website traffic. Lots of it.

And it will need to be the right kind of traffic: people who are looking for your specific niche or product line.

So you need targeted traffic, traffic that is tailored to your offering, that is primed to make contact with you and buy.


Google Ads is a common method online promoters use to get their products viewed by potential buyers, but it can be a minefield, because there are many variables and many decisions to make. It's also not a process that can be optimised overnight. It takes time to filter out negative keywords, to work our what works and what doesn't, to improve quality scores and increase CTRs (Click Thru Rates) and reduce CPCs (Cost Per Click)

After many years of trial and tribulation, I have worked out how to get the best out of Google. For just R500 (ZAR) per month I will take over the management of your Google Ads campaigns and get better-qualified visitors who are ready to spend money on your site.

Contact me on WhatsApp or call me on 067 843 7073 or email me on

Derek du Toit

PS: Many of my clients prefer to keep their marketing efforts secret, but below is a testimonial from a client of mine that has been very pleased with the results I have achieved for years: DOUBLE the traffic at HALF the cost per click!!

PPS: See the industry benchmarks for 2020 here: 2020 Google Ads Industry Benchmarks




Download the Testimonial here: Wood Studio Testimonial

The Home Goods Industry Benchmark is 2.44% - The Wood Studio is above 5% in two campaigns and above 6% in another, and these are AVERAGES of many keywords!!!!

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