Mediate SA’s new site

The existing site wasn’t bad, but Esme wanted a more modern look and feel and wanted to incorporate some new elements.


The site also wasn’t optimised for mobile devices, and given that more than 80% of SA Internet users use mobile devices to do so, this was not ideal.


Our first job was to look at their new logo, designed by a graphic design company.


I thought the pale yellow was a bit bland and the font too plain, so we first changed to Gold and introduced a more flowing font:


Then we added a burnished Gold effect and decided it worked better with another font:


We then based the site on the colours in the logo, and the result was quite effective:


We also optimised the site for Mobile devices, including a click-to-call icon so that a visitor just needs to click on the icon to dial Mediate SA’s number:


Esme said “Thank you so much – the website looks very professional and I love the colours!”

See for yourself here:


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