GMO that’s good for your website! For R500 pm!!

GMO (Guerrilla Marketing Online) is a monthly service we offer in which we employ various online tactics to generate traffic to your site:

  1. Social Media Setup and Maintenance. We determine which Social Media platforms are best suited to your organisation’s purpose and strategy, and we set up and align them so that those interacting with your pages get a consistent and coherent picture. We ensure that there is a continuous flow of content so that your site is dynamic, which will attract search engines.
  2. Autoresponders and Mailing Lists. We like automation wherever it is appropriate and saves time and money, and we also like creating captive audiences in mailing lists, to whom you can promote many products and services and keep customers close for referral purposes. We also like to make it easy for your any interested parties and avoid making people jump through hoops.
  3. Content and Copywriting. If you need assistance with content and would prefer to outsource your copywriting, we’ll be happy to expand on your skeleton ideas and produce readable, stumulating content.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. The complexity of keywords, competition and costs can be discouraging, especially when the goalposts keep moving. We keep up to date so you don’t have to, and help you think through a combined approach that yields the best returns from both SEO and PPC.
  5. Slideshows and Videos. We will use your content to create online slideshows and videos which will be posted to your site and on your social media pages as well as distributed on networking sites.
  6. Blog Hopping and Forum comments. We post comments on forums and Blogs with links back to your site. This has huge SEO benefits.
  7. Article Marketing. We will distribute your articles so that they will be seen and link back to your site.
  8. Keyword Optimisation. We analyse your current keyword structure and suggest changes to your current content to attract search engine traffic.
  9. Meta Tags. We examine your meta tags and make sure they are configured in such a way that search engines are attracted.
  10. Alt Tags and Header Tags. Search engines cannot ‘see’ pictures if they don’t have alternate descriptions and titles. And header tags are picked up by robots so that searh engines can more readily identify your content. We see that all of yours are working for you.

In summary, we make sure that your site does everything it needs to in order to attract organic traffic.

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