Energy Instrumentation

Energy Instrumentation wanted to expose their products to an International market, and wanted technical explanations as well as videos. After much discussion and constant changes, the result was a functional and minimalist site with simple navigation.

We also updated their logo.

John Bonnard, the owner of Energy Instrumentation:

"I am sure that you will be pleased to hear that we are finding the Website that you built for us to be highly effective, as has been shown by a significant improvement in sales of our instrumentation.

One very satisfactory aspect that I had not expected is that our agents find it very useful when presenting our products to their clients. Especially effective are the videos, which show the various models in actual use, providing a way of comparing features and respective advantages."

How the home page appears on mobile

Here is one of their videos as seen on a product page. We used Vimeo to host and embed the videos. On the right is how it appears on mobile full-screen and below how it is seen on desktop/laptop.

Have a look at the site here:

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