A CMS website for R999!!

We will set up a CMS (Content Management System) for you so that you can then take over the management of the site and add articles, pictures and media content yourself. The cost of R999 includes:

  1. Hosting and Domain. We will sort out your hosting needs and help you create, purchase and setup your domain. We don’t buy domains and hosting and sell them at a profit, we help you purchase your domain and your hosting and then we administrate and maintain them for you. We believe your domain should be owned by you and so it should be in your name. Domains cost from R75 and initial hosting about R75 a year.
  2. Graphic Design. We will work with you to develop your site’s ‘look and feel’, including logos, colours, images, icons and banners. We believe that form must follow function but that there is plenty of room for innovation and ‘wow factor’ within that fundamental principle’s parameters.
  3. Website Design. We will set up your CMS platform in either Joomla or WordPress in a practical manner, ensuring that navigation is a walk in the park, intuitive and user-friendly, while at the same time developing an attractive interface so that the visitor has a stimulating and rewarding experience. We also make sure your site works well on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
  4. Content and Copywriting. If you need assistance with content and would prefer to outsource your copywriting, we’ll be happy to expand on your skeleton ideas and produce readable, stumulating content. This will be an extra charge.

All this will take place in 10 days from the date you place your order.

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