We were asked to design a site that featured a Blog and a Forum. Here are some screen caps: Home page: Blog: Forums:  

LiquidSalt revamp

LiquidSalt wanted to change a number of elements to make the site more user-friendly and less busy. We changed the top menu and the main graphic slider and deleted most of the front page content so that the page was simpler and made it easier for customers to get to …

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Bryden’s New Site

Bryden’s existing site looked a little outdated and navigation was complex, having several paths and in some cases, there was no way to some site locations once you had followed a given path. It also had a ‘busy’ look with many choices, small images and a tight, cloistered look, and …

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Mediate SA’s new site

The existing site wasn’t bad, but Esme wanted a more modern look and feel and wanted to incorporate some new elements. The site also wasn’t optimised for mobile devices, and given that more than 80% of SA Internet users use mobile devices to do so, this was not ideal. Our …

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The Wood Studio website

This is a site we revamped for a client just recently. The scope of work included the following: a) Redesign of main Wood Studio logo, and alteration/replacement of all background colours and images. Alter look and feel of thumbnail pages. Include provision of suitable logos adapted for emails, documents and …

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Hopeful Foundation website

This is a full-featured site, including a clickable slideshow for latest posts, thumbnails of other recent posts below that, menus for specific post categories, widgets on the right for links and other Hopeful resources, social media icons in the header, and a focus on both attractiveness and functionality. It also …

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FBI website

The FBI (Fireworks Banning Initiative) site is minimalist, utilising a simple, spacious design that is uncluttered and easy to navigate. It’s also a CMS (Content Management System) which means adding new content is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Widgets in the sidebar on the right enable quick links …

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