Bryden’s New Site

Bryden’s existing site looked a little outdated and navigation was complex, having several paths and in some cases, there was no way to some site locations once you had followed a given path. It also had a ‘busy’ look with many choices, small images and a tight, cloistered look, and the colours, while consistent with the organisation’s ethos, came across as bland and unstimulating, lacking contrast.


In addition, the site did not work very well on mobile devices, a critical consideration in the South African context. On a mobile device the old Brydens site required a lot of scrolling and navigating was a hectic affair.









In discussions with Brydens, it was decided that a total rebuild was necessary, so that the site could be designed with mobile in mind, but also to give it a fresh look and feel and change the navigation process and facilities.

The new site has a minimalist style with a few basic colours, a simple layout with an airy feel, lots of space and with a focus on clear and easy navigation. It includes a full-screen slider which disappears once a menu item has been clicked on, and the menu is always visible.


Category and individual property pages also feature a sidebar providing click-to-call or email contact facilities as well as other navigation features, and on mobile a simple tap on the phone calls Brydens from the mobile device.


In addition, each page can be downloaded in pdf format so brokers and public alike can distribute and review brochures by email. The site is also a Content Management System (CMS) so that any additions in respect of new properties and any changes to existing properties, like pricing or availability, can be updated by the client, which saves them time and money.

The site works perfectly on mobile devices, fitting perfectly into mobile screens and offering one-way (up and down) scrolling, making the mobile user’s experience fast and easy.

brymobnew                        brymobnew2

Kim Hebden, the Brydens Marketing Manager and the person who assisted me with the site development, had the following to say:

“Derek is up to date with the latest market trends and turned our website into an easy to use, mobile friendly site.  He kept the theme that we are known for with new improved options.  He also advised us on a new service provider and worked with them and us every step of the way on the changeover.  He is still available daily for any changes that we want made and continually looks for new things to add to our website.   Brydens are so pleased with the result that we are working with Derek on creating a new website for our latest Shopping Centre Development.”

Thanks Kim!

Check it out here:

Try it on your phone!

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