Awesome Summary of Services

Here is a list of all the Services we offer.

  1. Website Hosting and Domains. We will sort out your hosting needs and help you create, purchase and setup your domain. We don’t buy domains and hosting and sell them at a profit, we help you purchase your domain and your hosting and then we administrate and maintain them for you. We believe your domain should be owned by you and so it should be in your name.
  2. Graphic Design. We will work with you to develop your site’s ‘look and feel’, including logos, colours, images, icons and banners. We believe that form must follow function but that there is plenty of room for innovation and ‘wow factor’ within that fundamental principle’s parameters.
  3. Website Design. We will structure your site in a practical manner, ensuring that navigation is a walk in the park, intuitive and user-friendly, while at the same time developing an attractive interface so that the visitor has a stimulating and rewarding experience. We also make sure your site works well on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
  4. Web Infrastructure Development. Anyone can design a website – today there are plenty of sites offering DIY site design. Unfortunately, designing a functional and pretty website is simply not enough. If your site is not getting visitors, it may as well be somewhere in the Great Outback of Australia, where nobody goes because nobody knows it’s there. So we advocate setting up an Infrastructure, incorporating elements that include Social Media, Links, Mailing Lists, and various other components that will together create a steady stream of interested visitors.
  5. Online Shopping. Setting up an online showroom and shopping basket has become a lot easier due to a number of third party service providers and freely available scripts. And we’ll make sure there is an interface so that your people can update prices and descriptions and maintain products – we like to empower our clients to manage their own product/customer relationship.
  6. Site Maintenance. We make sure that any plug-ins, add-ons, templates or third party software is kept up to date and that any scripts used continue to work.
  7. Social Media Setup and Maintenance. We determine which Social Media platforms are best suited to your organisation’s purpose and strategy, and we set up and align them so that those interacting with your pages get a consistent and coherent picture.
  8. Autoresponders and Mailing Lists. We like automation wherever it is appropriate and saves time and money, and we also like creating captive audiences in mailing lists, to whom you can promote many products and services and keep customers close for referral purposes. We also like to make it easy for your any interested parties and avoid making people jump through hoops.
  9. Content and Copywriting. If you need assistance with content and would prefer to outsource your copywriting, we’ll be happy to expand on your skeleton ideas and produce readable, stumulating content.
  10. Search Engine Optimisation and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. The complexity of keywords, competition and costs can be discouraging, especially when the goalposts keep moving. We keep up to date so you don’t have to, and help you think through a combined approach that yields the best returns from both SEO and PPC.

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