All About AWSMsites

AWSM (pronounced ‘awesome’) is an abbreviation for Adept Web Strategy Management.

While web site design is our core product, we recognise that creating a web site is the easy part. Getting people to visit your website and giving them reasons to come back and interact with your site is a little more difficult.

With more than 20 years of experience on the World Wide Web, we understand that a static web site is less likely to attract visitors than a dynamic one that is constantly changing, with new and relevant content that informs, educates or stimulates people.

We think that CMS (Content Management Systems) best facilitate this flexibility, and offer the additional benefit of enabling website owners and users to update their own sites, so that they have no need for ongoing site management and content upload.

So once we have set up your site, which setup includes domain and hosting, graphic design, and basic structure and settings, the site becomes yours to modify and add or remove content. We’ll teach you how to do all these things.

We’ll also add a bunch of supplementary features if you like. These include social networking plug-ins, comment spam filters, ip banning, and many others.

We’ll also install other features you may need, like autoresponders so you can create mailing lists and contact your members when you post updates or when you want to send them a newsletter, and RSS (Really Simple Syndication), enabling people to get your latest post in their email.

We’ll also advise you on traffic-generation strategy, and if you like we’ll even do some of it for you, using tried-and-tested tactics.

In summary, we provide everything you need to get your Web presence up and running.

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